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A Bit About Me

For those who don't know me, my name is Mel. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to amazing people in my life. I have always been someone who has always known what she wants in life. I have always had a vision or a goal to work towards. But everything completely changed for me after having my daughter in the year we will never forget (2020). I became someone who lost her confidence, anxiety crept in, and I felt like I had had so much taken away from me.


Since then, I have been on a journey to rediscover who I am as a woman and how to balance being a mum while still maintaining my goals as a highly driven career woman.

I have since learned that it all comes down to focusing on my core values to determine what I want from life. For me, that is Family. Being there when my children need me is so important to me.

Once I had determined what now drives me, doors opened for me to follow another passion, starting a business. This would give me a mental outlet while being a stay-at-home mum and would show my children that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to while still providing for their family.  

With the support of my husband, family and friends, who all put up with my crazy ideas, I have been able to turn this into a reality. When I'm not working, I am spending time with my family, renovating our family home and getting out into the garden.


I wanted to create something unique and have fun while doing it! 

About Me - Melissa Lewis
Lewis Lollies

How We Got Started

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of starting a business, so it's exciting to think that I'm actually here, having finally taken the leap! I admire so many business owners for starting their journeys in their own individual way. It takes courage and a real belief in oneself that it will actually work.

I stumbled across the idea of Lewis Lollies, a gift-giving business that comes from a combined love of lollies and a love of giving gifts to make people feel special. My husband and I are lifelong sweet tooths, and we have put our heart and soul into creating these boxes.

Each Lewis Lollies box contains an array of six different individually packaged specialty lollies, with a new selection released every month and delivered right to your door. So whether you subscribe yourself or are sending a gift to someone you love, every order will arrive beautifully presented and full to the brim with carefully curated treats to enjoy.

A Lewis Lollies subscription box is a unique way to surprise someone special in your life, whether to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, promotion or piece of particularly good news. It’s a beautiful gesture to thank someone for simply being around or to spoil someone who may be doing it tough and deserves a little reminder that there’s always someone looking out for them. 

We believe that there is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a package of surprises delivered straight to your door. We wanted to box up this feeling of joy and hand it right back to our customers. We are a female-owned and operated small business based in Geelong, Victoria and we support Australian Manufacturers and Small Business.

Lewis Lollies
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